Thursday, 17 March 2011

Clown Girl Tees instore Now ..

Thursaday Night Skate sessions

Ok so we have done this before at south molton a few years back and it seemed to work for everyone so we're guna do it again ...     This time at Barny skatepark ... The idea is if people go skating together ona thursday  night its easy for everyone to plan and make free time and also you know theres guna be people to skate with when u get there .. as im sure everyone is aware theres alot of chavs or scooters @ the skateparks and tht kinda sucks when ur on your own.   This isnt some sota militant club where if you attend one you must attend all !!!  come one week and not then next tis no stress   the idea is that once/if it takes off then every skater will know if they wana skate on a thursday night there will be ppl to skate with. this is open everyone dont be shy its about skateboartding with mates and thats it .......