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Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Shopping! Great Init!

It's not easy buying for other people ,you want to get summin they will actually love and not just tell you they love! as most people will when/if given a duff present! We've all done it! Yea THANKS THATS GREAT and really your thinking what the hell do i want that for !   It would be interesing if someone did a study on how much money was wasted on bad buys at christmas! as i bet its in the Billions!  Now im not saying this to make you guys worry even more than you proberly already are! Just make sure the store has a good returns and exchange  pollicy, most stores should offer this as standard  i know we do .. This should stand for online orders also some of the bigger stores should offer free postage on returns where as you will have to cover it with most of the smaller stores. altho this is still a hassle as you will have to post it back to them. That means a trip to the post office. Theres Another option The Voucher or the cop out as i like to call it ! There great but ud be better buying something that can be returned and at least lookin like you made the effort!!

Lets be realistic tho if your buying for someone you know it shouldnt be that difficult , taking a bit of time to do some research wont kill ya and can make life easier. I started a note in my calander on the iphone about a month ago and evry time i hear the words i wish i had or i need  i wrote it down and its a supprise how quick the list grew ! ..  But whatever you do jut dont be scared and dont buy things you really want for yourself cos chances are they wont want is as much!

Regarding shopping at Beats if it helps you can...

check online first stock levels are shown on the website just write down the name of the item you want for when you pop in (unless yo buy it online!)
Send the gift reciever in first we can write down stuff they looked at ... just make sure you ask us to!
Get a Local Delivery for free .. Phone through the order

Also if we know the person you are buying for we can often give you some guidance ...

Hope this helps and good luck!! 

Monday, 6 December 2010

Snow On The Way... and its -6

So I got in my car this morning and the in-car computer told me it was minus 6 outside!

The winter can be loadsa fun, especially when Jack Frost leaves us a snowy treat. And being in the Southwest we are blessed with endless moors and steep hills to partake in some winter sporting activity. But lets face it, after some time out there, it gets darn cold.

I have just treated myself to Carhartt Parker Jacket. I'm not going to lie, I do have quite a few jackets but none of them are sensible winter coats to really keep the warm out. So this year I went all out and spent my cash on what is probably the warmest item of clothing I will ever own!

As its super cold, and we want you lovely folk to keep nice and warm, this week we are going to cut a 10% discount on all winter coats.

Just quote 'Its bloody cold gimme discount!' to hustle yourself 10% off a warm coat or jacket in store! Winner!

Stay warm.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Original Unknown artwork up for Sale...

Check out this...
All original one off artwork by our very own Unknown.

Being a typical artist, Unknown can be somewhat elusive when it comes to actually doing the business of selling his much loved artwork! Probably because he can’t drag himself away from his Barnstaple based studio and his stencils, well apart from the odd party or two. ;)

So as its Christmas coming, he put down his craft knife and took some time to reflect on some of his completed work. Below are the results......

To Buy any of these pieces of original Unknown Artwork Please contact Him through Beatsworkin tel. 01271321111

Prices... £TBC







Monday, 29 November 2010

Beats Workin pop up shop hits Exeter...bargain prices for one day only

We are packing up a van load of uber cool tees, hoodys, jeans, jackets and accessories to bring the folk of Exeter a tasty selection of pre Christmas bargains. We quite literally are popping up a mini Beats Workin store. For one day only Beats Wokin will be at Jam The Channel's Car Boot Rave – Christmas Bazaar at The Globe Pub, Newton, Exeter.

Not only will we be taking a selection of garms from brands such as King, Addict, Zoo York, Element and Dope etc. We will be flogging them at bargain prices. T-shirts from a tenner or hoodys from 20 notes. Seriously good selection of styles, brands and sizes for cheap monies. So come on down nice and early to grab yourself some fresh new clothes or a pretty cool Christmas gift...

We are also hoping to hustle some one-off pieces of street are from North Devon graff writers that will also be up for grabs.

There is lots of other people selling nice things, No Guts No Glory with Devon Cream tees, actual Devon Cream Teas, Niki's Jam Slam, Shaker Cakes and millions more...

C’mon down, get a pint and come say hi. It would be rude not to...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Illfracombe park opening......

Its ere its time........................... Boom!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Professional Customer Service....

This saturday one of the fine professional members of the Beatsworkin Sales Team managed to put two different shoes in a box for a customer and the customer didnt notice !! wore the shoes for 8hrs then his father told him he had odd shoes on !!!!!    The question is who served this unobservant chap ????  pop in store with the answer ,the first prson to be correct gets a 40 percent discount on any single item instore!!   pic of the shoes bellow....

Monday, 1 November 2010

Thanks To Everyone @ The Palladium Club

Thanks fo comin along ppl The Irie Selecta had a great birthday and couldnt stop tweaking tht soundsystem!!!!        a great turnout as always and some great vibes Big ups Everyone who came and was involved ... big shout to the Turna pon the train mission from London town ,Massive love to David and Lucia,,, Russ you stole the show!! and Dan well your a Diamond ;)  MauMau well you were late!!!! :) Few Pics bellow Dont Foreget to chk teh radio this week Thursday 9 till 11 ...

Friday, 29 October 2010

New Dvs Winter All Weather Shoes WATERPROOF!!!!!

Snow Shoes @ the Rear   As its raining alot now may be a needed purchase......
New Rico CT at the front   Ricos retail @ 35 quid!!!

New Supra Footwear arrives!!!!!!

Boom!!!!    10 percent discount on all new supras if you say you seen them on the blog!!!!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

King Signature Jacket In Store Now !!!!!

Boom ... Its Cold ....  and this jacket Rocks ... all over black jacket witha gel print signature on the side! its difficult to see the detail in this jacket from the pic but its special infact we have sold 3 of the 6 we got in already ! keep an eye out for a full winter jacket round up sometime next week !

Reggae @ the Palladium ...

Tis back again our now annual excursion to the Palladium club Bideford....  Brought to you by the Beatsworkin/Onedrop Soundsystem .. this time its the Irie Selectas 30th Birthday yep hes an old fart!
The Palladium is the Only venue we have been back to more than once infact 5 times over the years! this is because it bloody great altho maybe a little sweaty at times! always a good crowd no egos and alot of dancing .. This is not to say other venues we have used arent great just the palladium is a bit special to us and is what we consider the home for the Onedrop Reggae Nights.....   Big Ups to Bowan and his Red Wine!!!!! 


Element produce sumin That isnt a logo!

I know I shouldnt take the piss but lets be honist element isnt exactly the most ground breaking company out there !!! That being said last year they did there fire water earth and wind series tee shirts on organic cotton and in collaberation with artists and they were dope! now theyve have brought out This gang tee, Pic bellow....  reluctantly im well into it ... Element more stuff like this and less logos please!  .......

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly......... Play Barnstaple

Things are definatly lookin up round these parts, as I've said before theres alot of potential for the scene locally and lets just hope it keeps rollin that way which it will as long as the community supports the people making this happen. Get Onit and start making that effort ,, unplug the TV and leave the house! go on i dare ya! Actually sell your TV or even better smash the fuking thing up! Sorry going off subject now! The aim of this is to try and bring some awareness about these Loverly Folk from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and let you all know they are playing @ The factory This Sat 9th Oct .......... If you dont know them then check um on youtube .. or watch this Overexcited pair of plonkers Chat about the gig on you tube...

After the absolute sham of a turn out last week @ Scratch Perverts People need to make the effort or we will be back to local DJs in the back of a pub!

Tickets available @ Beatsworkin Queens Theatre Or On The Door.......

Cory On Sutsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Booom!!!   Finally a North Devon Ripper has got some national recognition form a Fine Fine Clothing Brand Called Sutsu ...  Its been a long time coming and many a North Devon Local has been overlooked due to us being in the middle of knowhere! Big Ups Bro ! So Support Cory and come buy some Sutsu Product ...   Also spend a bt of time checking out the brans and its ethical attitude towards the world with Bamboo Decks and organic clothing! follow this link....

Cory likes animals!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Made it to the list!

There is a list! Yep there is! its the list of Skater owned shops in the UK and Beatsworkin has now been added to it ! Most of the shops on this list do mental amounts of work for there individual skate scenes and these are the stores should be supported by you skater folk not the likes of route one! who do nuthin! Anyhow before i Rant about uk skate politics go check the site ..

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Winter sets in!

Lets face it ! Winter is Bloody here again! Well if it isnt here already its doing its bloody best to give that impression , At least it's time to dig out the check overshirt .. tis these small things that get us Devon folk tru each year now the tourists are gone and the tumble weed blows the streets . I bloody hate it if im honist and falling off my skateboard hurts a shit load more , even so some of the best sessions go down on them dark winter nights and  theres still some other good things to look forward too....   Surf , yes i know its cold but theres swell around ! at boody last! chk the asher hoods bellow should help ya out with the cold! Also its a promising year for the music scene with some great up and coming promotors, putting hours of free time and probly a large percentage of there earnings from there day job into the scene. good for them i say . On that note the Onedrop soundsystem is up for use by anyone wanting to do anything reggae hiphop or funk related jus hire me a van and buy me dinner and im anyones! ;)

check out ...
              Whats that noise @ the inn on the square (RAVE) and on78 @ the Palladium(funk/hiphop)   SAT.
               Then keep an eye on Deviate smashing Toko with DNB and RAVE @ the end of october

Inbetween that...
                      theres Get Cape Wear Cape Fly on the 9th October @ the factory
                        also Scratch Perverts (Full Lineup) on the 1st of October @ the factory

And proberly a whole heap more ..  sorry to those missed ..

If all that doesnt help with them winter blues then check out the new Matix range Bellow  mmmmm warm!

The Winter Will be ok! Hopefully! ;)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Irie Selecta King David and Leajah Dj A fancy dress party in Westward ho!

Two men were found dressed as pirates asleap in the back of a landrover after crashing into a a golf bunker in Westward Ho!  Directly after a pirate fancy dress Birthday Party that the guys had be djing at!!!

follow link for full story and pictures!!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Jamie Cox ......

Couple of pics sent in by Jamie ... Hes been on the team now for about 5 years and we have watched him go from being  a lil grom ,full of questions like will these abec 7 bearings make me go faster?  (of course we answered NO! Push Harder!) into a Loverly young man!!!!!! well maybe not but hey gotta big him up a bit init ;) anyhow pics bellow .........

Monday, 6 September 2010

Nike x Capcom!

Nike have collaborated wit Capcom famed series, Street Fighter, utilizing popular characters such as Ryu and Chun-Li as basis for design inspiration and colorways for Nike’s SB Dunk Low and Dunk Mid sneakers. A beautiful collection that will surely make the sneakerheads x fans of Street Fighters go heads over heel for.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Breaks @ Aeon FREE DOWNLOAD

Aeon Festival was shit hot ! ....serious ! If you wernt there then book it in for next year. Im Sure theres plenty of great online write ups about the wonders of the festival so i ant guna try as my writing is somewhat basic ! But i did get to catch the Breaks Collective live and blag a free tune download from them, being as they are crew and Beatsworkin did make um a load a promo cds , which i might add they forgot to label !!!! anyhow tis for the downloaders benifit download by saving link bellow ....
Then hit the beys up with some feedback if ya feelin it ...!/pages/the-breaks-collective/39455368582

The Hundreds In Store Now....

New for fall 10 in Beatsworkin The Hundreds a Clothing ,Skate, Streewear and Lifestyle Project inspired by LOS ANGELES LIFESTYLE / CALIFORNIA CULTURE and is also an online blog / magazine with over 6 million readers and stuff!!!    Sounds great we re just getting into this brand or project or whatever it is and Think its pretty Rad !!!!!     follow this link and have a read init!!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Tom Ball Team rider vid ..

Dan oliver Team Rider....

Beatsworkin Team Video Teaser..........

Bin out and about for a bit now but just reached ere ..... Big up Stu on the creation tip.....

Friday, 20 August 2010

Illfracombe skate park needs your Support!!

Get to this meeting guys as this could be the deciding moment if the park goes ahead or not GET DOWN THERE .....

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Aeon Festival 2010......... tis the Don of all small festys.........

Check this ......... Small Homegrown Devon Featival we all went last year and found it to contain some proper good vibes !!! its located on showbroke park just outside crediton which is normall a fishing lake .. tis a fantastic area with massive old trees fields and of course a lake .. Music wise the festy has sumin to offer most tastes from Hardcore Rave to sittin around watching a Band or some sunday flexin of the reggae styles !!! (thats us!) honistly cant recommend this festy enough tis fookin brillant .............
Check out the website link bellow for more info n stuff      
Tickets available @ Beatsworkin or online @

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Crailtap and lakai shoe...........

if ya dont know crailtap     google it !!!!
got 3 pairs in thats it .... n i think we may have sold one already... chk it...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Adio Kinda Relaunch ..........

Just Got back from previewing Adio Footwears summer 2011 range! Kinda on relaunch tip New Team New Shoes and some reallly interesting skate specific technology in the sole .... check promo vid Going forward here...................

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ticket Availablity Updates ........

BEATSWORKIN Beatsworkin Ticket info.............................

Remaining tickets for events this weekend are....

Boat Party Very Few left now but we do still have some in stock we will post here once we have sold out...............!/event.php?eid=142724832409725&ref=ts


King Blues .... Again very few left but still some available!/event.php?eid=112391128782668&ref=ts

Bude Skate Comp this Sat check it.........

Get down there ND crew give them cornish a run for there money!! Toby from airculture has asked the Beatsworkin skate team to go down show some support... so... get down there ....

Monday, 9 August 2010

Tobbacco Kid!!!!!

New Dance Pon the Scene........

Heres a short clip of Chesney doin the crossed legged kick!!!!!

You can find Him demonstrating his new dance outside ...   base on thursday inn on the square.. dubstep etc
alliance boat party on friday and king blues @ inn on the square  tickets available for these events in Beatsworkin.............

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New Supra footwear drops ..... Fall10 Now in store

This range wont be online for a bit so our regular crew dem can get um first .....


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Big ups Tim frm The Boarding house Exeter

Just had this image of our beloved team member Tom 'party' Micthal! sent to us by Tim saying...
one of your local dawgs shredding exeter comp sunday!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bloody Toe Rags!!!

Was leaving work today and some bloody toerag has only gone and bloody spray painted the back door and waste bin around the back of Beatsworkin !!!!!! any ideas guys ;) !!!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Kaya and Beatsworkin Team up to Take over Boston Tea Party

or direct at beatsworkin... unfortunatly tickets are not available at boston sorry
chk kayas latest vid ere..

Friday, 2 July 2010

New Delivery of Girl Chocolate Crailtap Product Check it..

Follow the link Check teh new Fancy Product we got instore will be available online as well as instore at somepoint soon....  

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I Like This Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I Thought Id Show Them to You All....................