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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Follow the link to watch a nice lil vid from Brixton      ....

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Police and Skateboarders In the Street!!

           So there we were skateboarding in the carpark opposite my house on a skatebench we had borrowed from the shop ......    The session was going down just nicely, Wes nearly nailed a kickflip tailside !! Not bad for a man who cant boardslide!!  Then Boom!! eres the fuzz!!   They had stopped in the Road adjacent and were probably pondering what the hell we were doing !!  Fair enough i thought !! Until we got "excuse me! We have had some complaints from the Local Residents and you are going to have to disperse !"   i replied "Really thats funny i know all my neighbours and they haven't said anything!" Police Man .."well as a group you are very intimating!! Also its very dangerous skateboarding here you could get killed by a car !"  Firstly our group consisted of 3x ,,15 year old lads a Teacher and a local Business owner! and secondly Killed ! Really! so i replied "Yea i suppose thats true i could get killed here and i also suppose there could be a smack head robbing someone or a Drunk dude beating someone up, but your here worrying about us ! ...... kinda changed there attitude that did  the police officer said things like im guna square up to you ! im guna make you like difficult ! and grabbed me as a tried to walk away !! Then he told me to chill out !!  ......What a Proper Nob !.....
          So anyhow apart from just having a little rant about this theres a massive point here the police by taking this approach they create an US and Them attitude and they wonder why they have a bad name ! The youth of today have so many negative influences around them and doing things like skateboarding gives direction a focus on summing positive ! why would they suppress such a thing! Police and authorities need to wake up and support the youth and maybe some of the social problems we have may start healing !      Rant Over....................    


Monday, 22 August 2011

Boomin In The Barn!!!

Saturday Night was a Banger   Probably the party of the summer for us guys !!  It was kinda unexpected i i'm honest as the Onedrop Rig had been blagged out for free to what i thought was guna be a little Barn Party Out in the sticks!   How Wrong i was ! Banging Check teh pic bellow ... Big Shout going out to The lighting Chap Jon from  With an array of lazers and way over the top (ina good way ) lights !! The place looked and sounded Fookin Pro ! Gota say tho both Me and Jon did an 12 hour straight stint Pon the controls... Un Aided in my case Defiantly not in Jons ;) . Everyone who came   was wonderful , Well except the Jungle dj who defiantly needs more time in his bedroom before venturing out live !!  3 tune dance floor clearer !! kinda a mean feat in its self and he was proberly the worst dj i have ever had to work with on the levels !!! yes even worse than ezpz !! way worse!    Sound Done!

Big Ups The Barn owners ............


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Solo Banton Confirmed For Onedrop Event!!!!!

Yes YES and another YES   We have Thankfully Now Confirmed The Uk Reggae Artist Solo Banton For the Annual Reggae Gig At the Palladium Club    Don't get too hyped tho cos its not till October the 22nd !!! Hold Tight for the flyer later this year in the mean time search You Tube and listen to the man if you haven't already and then go buy his album !!

its very good ;)

Carhartt Meeting London

I just got back from viewing Carhartts Summer 2012 range!! T'was a long trip to London town where I encountered many overly trendy types including a man dressed in a full bright green lycra suit with an additional matching green top hat!! And a very fat man in seriously skinny clothing... not a good look I can tell ya!  

The range itself was at a the expected high Carhartt standard, making it very difficult to stay within budget ! In fact, I had to redo the buy half way through or I would probably have bankrupted the store!!  ;)    Tee's had gone up in price from 25 to 30 quid but the logo stuff has stayed at 25 so i went heavy on that along with some nice tonal graphic tees and the usual array of artist graphics including a photo tee, which was dope! Denims as usual were strong and of course the ever popular chinos in varying slim to baggy cuts made me very happy!!  As with this season next summer is all about the duck! Some sick polos and shirts with the duck embroidery and again following through to the sweats. These included a few new switch ups on the capital sweat tee.  The shorts were possibly what i got most excited with.  Leg lengths are getting shorter and there isn't much out there like this at the minute. Carhartt are bang on this with best selling styles now available in different leg lengths!! Boomin Lad.  Expect a massive range of absolutely banging shorts next summer (a bit like this year !! :) ) .....  
Other Than that I had great fun Skating my Cruzer through the underground stations and I even got a shout out on the tanoy at Paddington !!!  Brillant !! Oh and I blazed one up out the train window !!! mmmmmm!    

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dvs Sandbar Series Shoes..

Designed For the Wake skate crew using water friendly materials that last and having Mesh sides that allow water to drain quickly and easily. These sneeks are definatly different ! and if you wake skate there probably a must ! More than likely they will just be a wonderful way of wearing shoes thru the summer months (if we get any summer!) without getting mad sweaty feet ! which suck ! and smell ! Ask Moxy from the Breaks Collective about these he has been wearing them since we opened back in 2003 ! sorry for jumping on ya style with these dude but hey there good !!!!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Underground Tickets

For those of you who are local to the Southwest, you probably have stumbled across our good friends at Southwest Underground (SWU). 

If you who haven't - get to know.... SWU started off back in the day as a online message board for anything worth knowing about in the Southwest. Over the years it has grown massively  incorporating SWU Radio, SWU TV, event listings, reviews and general tomfoolery and banter. 

In 2009 SWU launched an online ticket shop, over the last 2 years it has grown ma-hooosively.  So, as a result Underground Tickets can now be found on a shiny new server and shiny new website. 

So go check it out and add it to your web browser favs! 

We know its 'online' but still, support your local scene.

p.s - If you already have a SWU account, it will still work on the new site.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Goat Fest Invites the Beatsworkin Onedrop Crew to Come Hang out n play some Tunes..

We have been tempted out with promises of food and control of turntables! So we are there !! See following for all the info or follow link to the facebook group page ...

Time: Saturday, June 11 at 8:00pm - June 12 at 2:00am

Location: Beggars Roost - Lynton

After the sad demise of LLAMA, some of the Lyntonian youth decided they needed to bring the people of the town some fresh underground music in the absence of the Lynton and Lynmouth music festival.

We're here to do that and we are GOAT.

We're a bit more gritty and rootsy than LLAMA, we climb higher, take more risks, have more facial hair, stink a bit and often leave piles of shit littered behind us. some haters say we are a nuisance to the town and cause nothing but trouble and destruction.
but whilst theres a few that hate the goats theres many more that love them, and theres no getting rid of us anyway.

First up on the goat agenda...

An Evening At The Beggars Roost


What do you need to say about Guerrilla Rhythm or Fajita Funk.
They are two of Lyntons greatest exports and firm local party favourites.

FAJITA FUNK have been rocking parties in Lynton and all over the rest of the south for as long as i can remember, mashing up a huge selection of heavy funk, latin, hip hop, reggae, breaks and all out party favourites. Its nearly impossible to throw a decent night in lynton without them involved, and here they are.

GUERRILLA RHYTHM famously stole the stage at LLAMA '09 and their radio shows for southwest underground are like a myth that gets talked about in hushed voices at the local pubs. the team of misfits are back again to do whatever it is they do best.

Two of the heaviest selectors in the game. nuff said.

The devastating force was a dj partership started back at school that blew up in the pubs and clubs of Lynton and Woolacombe circa 2003. The boys now return to their origins, back on top form once again to smash the 1's and 2's with their devastating style.

CAMPERS: Tent pitches are available from £6 a night for two at channel view which is right next door. 01598 753349
Other tariffs see:

Friday, 27 May 2011

Eric Koston One Signature Model has Landed!!!

The Nike SB Zoom Eric Koston One has finally landed in store at Beats Workin'!! BOOOOOM!!

The team at NikeSB have seriously been doing their homework... we’ve learned that not only do these feature lightweight Zoom Air cushioning, but their footbed is composed of the space age LunarLon material currently starring on various performance and lifestyle models, so the first ever skateshoe to incorporate this technology. TPU reinforced suede means you get the best of both worlds without loosing the suede's perfect feel. Neoprene collar means you get a super comfy supported ankle. Lo ride construction with a vulc like board feel in a cupsole construction.

Working together with Koston’s specially engineered outsole traction pattern mean these could very well be one of the best skate sneakers ever designed, and they’re sure to be quite comfy whether you’re kick-pushing or just kickin’ it.

Officially these super cool, super techy sneaks can not be sold until 4th June... but we would love you to pop in store and check them out!!!!

 Black / Dark Grey Chambray

Light Concord / Metallic Gold


Eric Koston Tour Video

Mr Eric Koston is actually quite a funny chap... check this tour film NikeSB have put together for the launch of the Eric Koston1 Signature Model...!! Enjoy

Friday, 20 May 2011

Beatsworkin Sound System and Team Reach the Fallen Demo

Last week we were kindly asked to come along to Mt Hawke with the soundsystem to play some musical vibes during the Fallen Demo.. Boomin ! So off we went with the skate team on our massive mission to Cornwall . We kinda thought as these bey are fairly famous as skaters go they may be a bit well.... Twaty!  How wrong we were !!!! So sound a down to earth! As well as the amazing skating these boys were sound as Chatty with everyone and even spent some time with a lil kid teachin him to kickflip!!! Then they went onto a signing , there musta been about 100 kids all lined up eager as you like ! it would drove me nuts! They stuck to it tho right up till the last kid! and occasional adult! ;)  As far as the skating went it was as you would expect from Pro's   Check out some photos ere

Go Buy some Fallen Stuff init ;)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jamie Thomas hits Mount Hawke

The legendary Jamie Thomas and the US Fallen skate team are hitting the South West this weekend for an exclusive demo and signing as riders including Anthony Shultz, Garrett Hill, Tommy Sandoval, Tom Asta, Jon Dickson, Jack Curtin, and Dane Burman begin the Fallen European Tour. These boys are bypassing the rest of the UK and heading straight to Cornwall...and jet off to Switzerland and Italy after tearing up the Southwest.

The two day event will kick-off in Cornwall this Saturday as the Fallen team head to Mount Hawke Skate Park for a skate demo following an opportunity to meet the riders and bag some signed merchandise and Fallen giveaways at the Fallen in-store signings at both SJ’s Skate Shop,Truro and at Flavour Skate Shop, Newquay. 

The Fallen after party then opens at Newquay’s, Chy Bar on Saturday night before the weekend rounds-up on Sunday with a currently undisclosed demo - the location to be announced at Mount Hawke Skate Park on Saturday.

Proceeds raised will go back into improving the facilities for local skaters at Mount Hawke.

Running's on the day go a bit like this... 
Saturday 14th May:
11am-12 noon – SJ’s skate shop, Truro and Flavour skate shop, Newquay: in-store signings
2pm – Mount Hawke skatepark, Cornwall: Fallen demo and product giveaways
9pm – Chy Bar, Newquay, Cornwall: Fallen After Party
Sunday 15th May:

To Be Announced at Saturday’s demo

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Clown Girl Tees instore Now ..

Thursaday Night Skate sessions

Ok so we have done this before at south molton a few years back and it seemed to work for everyone so we're guna do it again ...     This time at Barny skatepark ... The idea is if people go skating together ona thursday  night its easy for everyone to plan and make free time and also you know theres guna be people to skate with when u get there .. as im sure everyone is aware theres alot of chavs or scooters @ the skateparks and tht kinda sucks when ur on your own.   This isnt some sota militant club where if you attend one you must attend all !!!  come one week and not then next tis no stress   the idea is that once/if it takes off then every skater will know if they wana skate on a thursday night there will be ppl to skate with. this is open everyone dont be shy its about skateboartding with mates and thats it .......