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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Solo Banton Confirmed For Onedrop Event!!!!!

Yes YES and another YES   We have Thankfully Now Confirmed The Uk Reggae Artist Solo Banton For the Annual Reggae Gig At the Palladium Club    Don't get too hyped tho cos its not till October the 22nd !!! Hold Tight for the flyer later this year in the mean time search You Tube and listen to the man if you haven't already and then go buy his album !!

its very good ;)

Carhartt Meeting London

I just got back from viewing Carhartts Summer 2012 range!! T'was a long trip to London town where I encountered many overly trendy types including a man dressed in a full bright green lycra suit with an additional matching green top hat!! And a very fat man in seriously skinny clothing... not a good look I can tell ya!  

The range itself was at a the expected high Carhartt standard, making it very difficult to stay within budget ! In fact, I had to redo the buy half way through or I would probably have bankrupted the store!!  ;)    Tee's had gone up in price from 25 to 30 quid but the logo stuff has stayed at 25 so i went heavy on that along with some nice tonal graphic tees and the usual array of artist graphics including a photo tee, which was dope! Denims as usual were strong and of course the ever popular chinos in varying slim to baggy cuts made me very happy!!  As with this season next summer is all about the duck! Some sick polos and shirts with the duck embroidery and again following through to the sweats. These included a few new switch ups on the capital sweat tee.  The shorts were possibly what i got most excited with.  Leg lengths are getting shorter and there isn't much out there like this at the minute. Carhartt are bang on this with best selling styles now available in different leg lengths!! Boomin Lad.  Expect a massive range of absolutely banging shorts next summer (a bit like this year !! :) ) .....  
Other Than that I had great fun Skating my Cruzer through the underground stations and I even got a shout out on the tanoy at Paddington !!!  Brillant !! Oh and I blazed one up out the train window !!! mmmmmm!