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Friday, 29 October 2010

New Dvs Winter All Weather Shoes WATERPROOF!!!!!

Snow Shoes @ the Rear   As its raining alot now may be a needed purchase......
New Rico CT at the front   Ricos retail @ 35 quid!!!

New Supra Footwear arrives!!!!!!

Boom!!!!    10 percent discount on all new supras if you say you seen them on the blog!!!!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

King Signature Jacket In Store Now !!!!!

Boom ... Its Cold ....  and this jacket Rocks ... all over black jacket witha gel print signature on the side! its difficult to see the detail in this jacket from the pic but its special infact we have sold 3 of the 6 we got in already ! keep an eye out for a full winter jacket round up sometime next week !

Reggae @ the Palladium ...

Tis back again our now annual excursion to the Palladium club Bideford....  Brought to you by the Beatsworkin/Onedrop Soundsystem .. this time its the Irie Selectas 30th Birthday yep hes an old fart!
The Palladium is the Only venue we have been back to more than once infact 5 times over the years! this is because it bloody great altho maybe a little sweaty at times! always a good crowd no egos and alot of dancing .. This is not to say other venues we have used arent great just the palladium is a bit special to us and is what we consider the home for the Onedrop Reggae Nights.....   Big Ups to Bowan and his Red Wine!!!!! 


Element produce sumin That isnt a logo!

I know I shouldnt take the piss but lets be honist element isnt exactly the most ground breaking company out there !!! That being said last year they did there fire water earth and wind series tee shirts on organic cotton and in collaberation with artists and they were dope! now theyve have brought out This gang tee, Pic bellow....  reluctantly im well into it ... Element more stuff like this and less logos please!  .......

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly......... Play Barnstaple

Things are definatly lookin up round these parts, as I've said before theres alot of potential for the scene locally and lets just hope it keeps rollin that way which it will as long as the community supports the people making this happen. Get Onit and start making that effort ,, unplug the TV and leave the house! go on i dare ya! Actually sell your TV or even better smash the fuking thing up! Sorry going off subject now! The aim of this is to try and bring some awareness about these Loverly Folk from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and let you all know they are playing @ The factory This Sat 9th Oct .......... If you dont know them then check um on youtube .. or watch this Overexcited pair of plonkers Chat about the gig on you tube...

After the absolute sham of a turn out last week @ Scratch Perverts People need to make the effort or we will be back to local DJs in the back of a pub!

Tickets available @ Beatsworkin Queens Theatre Or On The Door.......

Cory On Sutsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Booom!!!   Finally a North Devon Ripper has got some national recognition form a Fine Fine Clothing Brand Called Sutsu ...  Its been a long time coming and many a North Devon Local has been overlooked due to us being in the middle of knowhere! Big Ups Bro ! So Support Cory and come buy some Sutsu Product ...   Also spend a bt of time checking out the brans and its ethical attitude towards the world with Bamboo Decks and organic clothing! follow this link....

Cory likes animals!