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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Winter sets in!

Lets face it ! Winter is Bloody here again! Well if it isnt here already its doing its bloody best to give that impression , At least it's time to dig out the check overshirt .. tis these small things that get us Devon folk tru each year now the tourists are gone and the tumble weed blows the streets . I bloody hate it if im honist and falling off my skateboard hurts a shit load more , even so some of the best sessions go down on them dark winter nights and  theres still some other good things to look forward too....   Surf , yes i know its cold but theres swell around ! at boody last! chk the asher hoods bellow should help ya out with the cold! Also its a promising year for the music scene with some great up and coming promotors, putting hours of free time and probly a large percentage of there earnings from there day job into the scene. good for them i say . On that note the Onedrop soundsystem is up for use by anyone wanting to do anything reggae hiphop or funk related jus hire me a van and buy me dinner and im anyones! ;)

check out ...
              Whats that noise @ the inn on the square (RAVE) and on78 @ the Palladium(funk/hiphop)   SAT.
               Then keep an eye on Deviate smashing Toko with DNB and RAVE @ the end of october

Inbetween that...
                      theres Get Cape Wear Cape Fly on the 9th October @ the factory
                        also Scratch Perverts (Full Lineup) on the 1st of October @ the factory

And proberly a whole heap more ..  sorry to those missed ..

If all that doesnt help with them winter blues then check out the new Matix range Bellow  mmmmm warm!

The Winter Will be ok! Hopefully! ;)

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