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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly......... Play Barnstaple

Things are definatly lookin up round these parts, as I've said before theres alot of potential for the scene locally and lets just hope it keeps rollin that way which it will as long as the community supports the people making this happen. Get Onit and start making that effort ,, unplug the TV and leave the house! go on i dare ya! Actually sell your TV or even better smash the fuking thing up! Sorry going off subject now! The aim of this is to try and bring some awareness about these Loverly Folk from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and let you all know they are playing @ The factory This Sat 9th Oct .......... If you dont know them then check um on youtube .. or watch this Overexcited pair of plonkers Chat about the gig on you tube...

After the absolute sham of a turn out last week @ Scratch Perverts People need to make the effort or we will be back to local DJs in the back of a pub!

Tickets available @ Beatsworkin Queens Theatre Or On The Door.......

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