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Friday, 20 May 2011

Beatsworkin Sound System and Team Reach the Fallen Demo

Last week we were kindly asked to come along to Mt Hawke with the soundsystem to play some musical vibes during the Fallen Demo.. Boomin ! So off we went with the skate team on our massive mission to Cornwall . We kinda thought as these bey are fairly famous as skaters go they may be a bit well.... Twaty!  How wrong we were !!!! So sound a down to earth! As well as the amazing skating these boys were sound as Chatty with everyone and even spent some time with a lil kid teachin him to kickflip!!! Then they went onto a signing , there musta been about 100 kids all lined up eager as you like ! it would drove me nuts! They stuck to it tho right up till the last kid! and occasional adult! ;)  As far as the skating went it was as you would expect from Pro's   Check out some photos ere

Go Buy some Fallen Stuff init ;)

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