Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Skateboard Cinema .... Skate Wine Palestine

The 18th of March was the 4th episode of the skateboard cinema in Coffee n Skate. This time the       screen was taken charge of by North Devons media mogul, Rob Aton... Rob is the head honcho at Skate Wine, a series of short news based shows covering the UK Skateboard scene.

            Here at Beatsworkin we have known and grown Rob since the early days of his skateboard career/hobby! He has always been a stand out and stand up guy, except when he is riding his luminous pink body board over at Croyde bay (Joke!)  

Seriously tho, he likes to stand out.

          He also has an opinion on most things, which is what I recon lead him to go to Palestine and make this film. Anyhow Rob went, filmed and documented his trip. In which he traveled around Palestine hanging out, skateboarding, inspiring kids and giving the guys at Skate Pal a hand. Rob does like to stress he isn't part of Skate Pal and the work they have done is amazing and all off there back.

          The Film ....  The first surprise to me was the lack of narrator, it felt like at the start I was about to which someones holiday video, not a film. I was wrong! Quickly the lack of narration but masses of inspiring imagery got me thinking about Palestine, their skate scene and the upliftment skateboarding can give to a person of any background. Nobody needs to be told theres not much for these kids and it isn't rocket science to see how much they enjoy hanging out and having a roll around.  In true Skate Wine style there are some great sound effects and funny moments to lighten the tone and keep you engaged. Of course theres some footage of Rob Showing off, but then what would you expect?! I'm no film critic, but it gets a thumbs up from me and a respectful high five outa five! 
         Go Check out Skate Wine, I think Rob will be adding the full length film to watch online at some point soon.....    till then heres a link to his Trailer......

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