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Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Shopping! Great Init!

It's not easy buying for other people ,you want to get summin they will actually love and not just tell you they love! as most people will when/if given a duff present! We've all done it! Yea THANKS THATS GREAT and really your thinking what the hell do i want that for !   It would be interesing if someone did a study on how much money was wasted on bad buys at christmas! as i bet its in the Billions!  Now im not saying this to make you guys worry even more than you proberly already are! Just make sure the store has a good returns and exchange  pollicy, most stores should offer this as standard  i know we do .. This should stand for online orders also some of the bigger stores should offer free postage on returns where as you will have to cover it with most of the smaller stores. altho this is still a hassle as you will have to post it back to them. That means a trip to the post office. Theres Another option The Voucher or the cop out as i like to call it ! There great but ud be better buying something that can be returned and at least lookin like you made the effort!!

Lets be realistic tho if your buying for someone you know it shouldnt be that difficult , taking a bit of time to do some research wont kill ya and can make life easier. I started a note in my calander on the iphone about a month ago and evry time i hear the words i wish i had or i need  i wrote it down and its a supprise how quick the list grew ! ..  But whatever you do jut dont be scared and dont buy things you really want for yourself cos chances are they wont want is as much!

Regarding shopping at Beats if it helps you can...

check online first stock levels are shown on the website just write down the name of the item you want for when you pop in (unless yo buy it online!)
Send the gift reciever in first we can write down stuff they looked at ... just make sure you ask us to!
Get a Local Delivery for free .. Phone through the order

Also if we know the person you are buying for we can often give you some guidance ...

Hope this helps and good luck!! 

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