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Monday, 6 December 2010

Snow On The Way... and its -6

So I got in my car this morning and the in-car computer told me it was minus 6 outside!

The winter can be loadsa fun, especially when Jack Frost leaves us a snowy treat. And being in the Southwest we are blessed with endless moors and steep hills to partake in some winter sporting activity. But lets face it, after some time out there, it gets darn cold.

I have just treated myself to Carhartt Parker Jacket. I'm not going to lie, I do have quite a few jackets but none of them are sensible winter coats to really keep the warm out. So this year I went all out and spent my cash on what is probably the warmest item of clothing I will ever own!

As its super cold, and we want you lovely folk to keep nice and warm, this week we are going to cut a 10% discount on all winter coats.

Just quote 'Its bloody cold gimme discount!' to hustle yourself 10% off a warm coat or jacket in store! Winner!

Stay warm.

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