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Monday, 22 August 2011

Boomin In The Barn!!!

Saturday Night was a Banger   Probably the party of the summer for us guys !!  It was kinda unexpected i i'm honest as the Onedrop Rig had been blagged out for free to what i thought was guna be a little Barn Party Out in the sticks!   How Wrong i was ! Banging Check teh pic bellow ... Big Shout going out to The lighting Chap Jon from  With an array of lazers and way over the top (ina good way ) lights !! The place looked and sounded Fookin Pro ! Gota say tho both Me and Jon did an 12 hour straight stint Pon the controls... Un Aided in my case Defiantly not in Jons ;) . Everyone who came   was wonderful , Well except the Jungle dj who defiantly needs more time in his bedroom before venturing out live !!  3 tune dance floor clearer !! kinda a mean feat in its self and he was proberly the worst dj i have ever had to work with on the levels !!! yes even worse than ezpz !! way worse!    Sound Done!

Big Ups The Barn owners ............


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  1. Summer is the right time to party! I love this.I did this for my husband when he was 30 yrs old. It was a blast! Everyone loves it!

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