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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Police and Skateboarders In the Street!!

           So there we were skateboarding in the carpark opposite my house on a skatebench we had borrowed from the shop ......    The session was going down just nicely, Wes nearly nailed a kickflip tailside !! Not bad for a man who cant boardslide!!  Then Boom!! eres the fuzz!!   They had stopped in the Road adjacent and were probably pondering what the hell we were doing !!  Fair enough i thought !! Until we got "excuse me! We have had some complaints from the Local Residents and you are going to have to disperse !"   i replied "Really thats funny i know all my neighbours and they haven't said anything!" Police Man .."well as a group you are very intimating!! Also its very dangerous skateboarding here you could get killed by a car !"  Firstly our group consisted of 3x ,,15 year old lads a Teacher and a local Business owner! and secondly Killed ! Really! so i replied "Yea i suppose thats true i could get killed here and i also suppose there could be a smack head robbing someone or a Drunk dude beating someone up, but your here worrying about us ! ...... kinda changed there attitude that did  the police officer said things like im guna square up to you ! im guna make you like difficult ! and grabbed me as a tried to walk away !! Then he told me to chill out !!  ......What a Proper Nob !.....
          So anyhow apart from just having a little rant about this theres a massive point here the police by taking this approach they create an US and Them attitude and they wonder why they have a bad name ! The youth of today have so many negative influences around them and doing things like skateboarding gives direction a focus on summing positive ! why would they suppress such a thing! Police and authorities need to wake up and support the youth and maybe some of the social problems we have may start healing !      Rant Over....................    


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