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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Work Experience Kids.... err i mean young people..

Every year we have a stream of Dudes asking for work experience positions , some end up being Top Chaps some .... Well they dont!    The dudes we have this year are just that dudes..

                 Most the jobs they get asked to do cant be much fun .... such as Fold this Move that Tidy here , Try and stick a flyer to the back of  a police car and get a picture ..  !  ..

                   So being as these beys like there Garms we offered them the chance to select an outfit and go Model it ... Bless um ....

Getting Ready ..

The Outfits 
Both the Lads were wearing Carhartt Summer 14 Shirts
Levis Denims
Nike Sb Koston Max-Danny
Nike Sb Stefan Janoski-Oscar

Both Lads had to walk back in there socks ....

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