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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

TurboKolor Reaches UK Stores...

Fresh on The Polish express ,,,

Its not often we take on new brands , especially brand new ones to the UK .. We are massively careful
In what we sell , in fact theres a strick application process brands have to go through ..... Nah not really but we are very selective !!!     This new Brand is sick tho very Ltd stockists in the UK as they want to keep there distribution tight and in the better stores ...
Which means some exclusive shizz for the wearer!!!
eres what they say about themselves 

Turbokololor is a brand from the heart of Eastern Europe – Warsaw. Thanks to our skateboarding and eastern heritage, we have unique a understanding of the streetwear game. We still remember the times before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but at the same time we happily embrace the opportunities of today.
People are in the center of our collections and the design process is always influenced by the individual, his culture, city, music, arts and environment.
The company was founded in 2007 by the artist and designer Swanski, together with his childhood friends, who all shared the same passions. Turbokolor has so far released collaborative projects with Vans, Casio G-shock, New Era caps, Foreign Family, Akomplice, as well as world's best artists such Jeremy Fish or Will BarrasMarokM-City and Zbiok. Turbokolor. Powered by eastern enthusiasm.

Go check the site for more info

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