Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pondering about Tee Shirts ...

Was having a think the other day about tee shirts and it just popped into my head , What the hell would I wear most the time if Tee Shirts didn’t exist? Which then swiftly became when did we start wearing them? How? And what did we do before?!     Eres what I found out..

Tee shirt as a term was officially recorded in 1920.. Altho the army had been wearing them since 1913 ish ..

When first released the Tee shirt was sold solely as an undergarment.

By the 1930’s there were three main tee shirt manufactures’
haynes ,……fruit of the loom,………. And  sears & robuck

Printed Tee shirts didn’t arrive until 1942 ish   check the image of Life Mag  from. Altho most sources seem to say the first printed tee was for the Governor Thomas dewey’s campaign in New york 1948 … Printed ..Dew it with Dewey…. But that’s obviously bollox!

When Marlon Brando stared in .. “A street car named desire”  1951 wearing a white tee ..see the image.. sales rocketed to 180 million in a year!!
From then on everyone wore Tee’s, Virtually everybody. Even your Mum!!

Some other interesting facts I found out …

1960’s …. Started the political tee and probably at the same time the artist tee
1969…. Tie dye Tee’s … …. They had a good run in the 60’s they had to fuck        summin up !
1980’s…brought them stupid tees that change colour when you sweat! Hyper colour…  Rubbish!
1995 …. More than 1 billion tees were sold

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